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Doctor of Philosophy


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree requires a minimum of 90 semester hours of graduate coursework beyond the bachelor's degree. The coursework beyond the bachelor's program is intended for professional educators entering the field of teacher education and/or conducting educational research. Coursework for the Ph.D. includes an emphasis on research, theory, and content area expertise. Requirements for the Ph.D. include the dissemination of research. Program graduates are eligible to be recommended for the Class AAAA Mississippi Educator License.)

Students enrolling in the PhD in Curriculum and Instruction can choose from the following concentrations: elementary education, secondary education, special education, reading, early childhood education, general curriculum and instruction. Licensure to teach or eligibility for licensure is required for all concentrations except the concentration in general curriculum and instruction. Learn more about admissions and degree requirements in the CISE Graduate Handbook.

Doctor of Philosophy Coordinator

Rebecca R. Robichaux-Davis (email), Elementary Education

Peggy Fondren Hopper (email), Secondary Education

Sandy D. Devlin (email), Special Education